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content is key

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we are

the microdoodle company

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We are The Microdoodle Company, a creative agency with digital media at our heart. We combine traditional agency and production skills with innovative digital talent, to create ideas and content that people respond to.

Communication is evolving. Content is key. A mixed media approach is the way of the future. The Microdoodle Company integrates the art of storytelling with digital communication to bring people and brands together.

Based in Queenstown New Zealand, The Microdoodle Company collaborates with clients and agencies from around the world. We tailor a suite of services, whether that's delivering a 'big idea', designing a mobile app, producing a viral video or creating a social media campaign. And we make it all happen in-house.

Talk to us today about a creative solution to your business’s marketing goals.


A creative approach where the integration within and among specialised areas are mediated by effective connectivity.



  • social media strategy & set-ups
  • online contests
  • mixed media campaigns
  • viral marketing


  • strategic planning & creative ideas
  • problem solving
  • client services
  • graphic design


  • online video
  • stills
  • TV Commercials
  • microdoodles


  • digital media planning
  • web development
  • mobile app development
  • crowdsourcing


Planning is a never-ending process of defining and redefining goals and objectives. Creative consultant Roy is our man for developing strategies, and evaluating advertising results. The planning process begins before research and continues after the advertisement is run.


The Microdoodle Company values the art of storytelling. We believe that any campaign must have a strong idea or story at it's heart. Roy is our lead ideas man. In addition we have a growing database of creatives we can draw on, to source a wide range of ideas.


The Microdoodle Company creates mixed media campaigns by utilising a variety of outlets to reach your customers and add value to the customer experience.


The Microdoodle Company is founded on the notion of crowdsourcing. We believe the best ideas can come from anyone. For your next project or campaign, draw on our growing database of creatives to source ideas or people.


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogs, you name it we know it. As media becomes increasingly 'social', The Microdoodle Company stays abreast with all the latest social media platforms and can help clients employ a social media strategy to reach their customers online.


Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Animations, Google ads, Facebook ads, QR codes, Smartphone apps, Online video. Hana, Stu and Ben are our new-media experts that will ensure your campaign is accessible to customers on all platforms.


Print media, Outdoor advertising, Magazine advertisements and TV Commercials. If required, traditional media advertising can be designed and produced to promote your message in conjunction with digital media solutions.


We specialise in producing "Microdoodles" - creative, simple, commercial quality video clips. Our director & producer Roger ensures the clips produced are quality crafted films for the purpose of sharing on all digital and social media platforms. Traditional TV Commercials can also be produced for larger brands and agencies.


We specialise in developing websites and microsites that are creative and functional. Founding partner Stu is a wizard of the web and ensures our client's sites are designed for optimal viewing on mobile devices.


Smartphone apps are a great way to add value to your campaign, service, event or contest. Ben is our in-house app guru and can create an app as part of a mixed media campaign.


Online contests are a great way to drive engagement online and build your fan base. Talk to us about options for a professional online contest and a successful online campaign.


TLC and a firm hand. Hana is our head of client services. With her marketing and social media background she is fab with clients and will oversee your project.


Tell us your problems and your goals and we'll come up with a solution that can be functionally integrated into a range of media channels. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Hana Deavoll

Social Media & Marketing

Hana is our social media specialist. Co-founder of Microdoodle. Snowboarder and Facebook enthusiast.

hana at microdoodle dot com

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Roy Meares

Creative & Strategic Consultant

Roy is a legend in the advertising world. He is the man behind some of New Zealand's most successful campaigns such as the KiwiBank, the Anchor Family and Speight's.

Mircodoodle mentor.

roy at microdoodle dot com

Roger Tompkins


Roger is also our MD. In the film and advertising world he is recognised for his vision, creativity and organisational skills. The director behind the 100% Pure NZ and Speight's campaigns he has over a thousand commercials to his name. Microdoodle co-founder.

roger at microdoodle dot com

linked in rogertompkins.com

Stu Gotting

IT, Web & Post Production

Stu is our digital media man, and our solution to any technical issue. That's if we can hold him down from heading out on his snowboard or mountain bike. Co-founder of Microdoodle.

stu at microdoodle dot com

Laura Shallcrass

Graphic Designer

Laura is a Graphic Designer and Illustration Artist. Featured artist for Plague Snowboards and Julian Danger. Microdoodle design chief.

laura at microdoodle dot com

Ben Lynch

Smart Phone App designer and Musician

Ben is our digital media specialist and app developer. Musician too, he oversees our tunes.

ben at microdoodle dot com



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